Like Crazy

If it’s really you

I’m not sure what I’m going to feel

Happy? Or maybe bringing me back to the most terible heartbreak I ever felt

If it’s really you

I don’t know what should I say if you come to my life again

If it’s really you

I’m not sure I could forgive you

Or maybe I could forgive you

Because I know your mistakes was just too small comparing to my love for you

But first let me slap you really hard

Before I cry out loud on your chest

But that is just if only it’s really you

If it’s really you

Before we start all over again

Let me interrogate you first with a bunch of question

That disturbing my mind while we were separted

Why did you changed?

Why did you let me go?

Why you didn’t make me stay?

Why you didn’t want to make it up?

How could it be so easy for you, if all that we’ve been through is real?

How could you run your days normally, when I lose my appetite?

Baby I hope your answers do make senses

If it’s really you

Then I don’t understand

Why should we separate for a while

If we’re really meant to be together


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