Suddenly the hurricane came in the quiet sea

She is the new sailor

She never face it before

The sailor swerved;

To the wrong direction

She forgot the purpose of her voyage

Was to go to the treasure island

She depressed

She was crazy

She lost it all

She don’t know where to go

Come back home?


She kept going

Going somewhere she didn’t know

Hoping to find another surface

That have a great treasure

For her to take it home

She has been sailing for a long time

Yet still haven’t found it yet

She has been anchored in some surfaces

But after she went around that islands

She found no treasure

Only some needs that could full her for the next voyage

Tired? Of course

Anchored on some islands she thought that have a treasure

But nothing; just some needs she could get

In every surface she anchor

But pals, don’t worry

She has been through some huricanes

It is not a big deal for her anymore

She know just how to face it

And keep sailing until the sea quiet

She will keep going

Until the north star bring her to that island

What she knows is just

One day she will find it

She is a tough sailor now


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