My granddaugther

Chloe and Jason make a stop at the foodtruck

Chloe bringing the bucks she have been saved for a day,

by not buying any snacks.

and Jas just got some bucks from Daddy.

Chloe order a sandwich and ice cream

while Jason ordering hotdog with french fries.

As they walk back home

Jason ask Chloe to share her sandwich

but Chloe be like “ain’t you have your own food, Jas?”

and Jason start yelling how selfish Chloe was.

with the high volume Chloe start to negotiate; she will share her sandwich, and asking Jas to share his french fries. Because she want it too.

Surprisingly Jas disagree with that solution,

then just running and crying to their parents

saying that Chloe is a selfish girl who doesn’t want to share the food to her starving brother.

Chloe was so mad and throw her sandwich to Jason.

And Jasong yell “Moooom, Chloe was so ruuude”



She staring at me

Spontantly say “I hate Jason, he said that Chloe is selfish without realizing how selfish he is. Plus, he is so mushy and childish. But Chloe is also stingy and rude.”

I smile at her

“But here’s nannie, Chloe become stingy because she saved her own money by not buying any snacks. She took efforts. and Jason just asking for sharing a sandwich, doesn’t wrong with that. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong in here”.

I take her to my lap and say;

Darling, do not looking for who is right and who is wrong. Go find the solution though it may kinda hurt each other. It happened to me when I was young.

“you fight with your brother because of food?” she stared at me

I say;

Haha no, beautiful. It was about life argument. Just like Chloe and Jason. He demanding her for what he want, but he doesn’t want to give her what she want. It’s not fair. Then they start blaming each other. So baby, when you grow up and got trapped in the situation such this case. Be wise enough to find the solution, or just quit. Sometimes it better to left it all. Because I regret..

“regret for what Grannie?”

Hehe it’s time to sleep my darling. Good night – as I kiss her forehead and turn off the light.



*sigh* one day you will understand my darling.


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