Even only a splash to my skin, I do not let it

For you know.

I wonder what chemicals powder or liquid have been dissolved in it

Geez, you want me scrathing my -biiip- by pouring mercury in it?

Or even use a sulfuric acid to destroy my -bibip-

That sounds horrible!

Ah I know kid

Perhaps a virus you’ve created in the upper ground

Smart guy eh

Good way to spread a biological weapon

Our people doesn’t even think about it maybe,

But not me.

I AM not in your game, you player.

I told you once again

Even a splash! Would not touch my skin

Then I grumbling to that bucket

Mocking that I am not the victim they would laughing at

I laugh as I took the fresh clean tap water and clean my -bibip-


Pity me..

Someone laughing outside

The source sounds like near the water tank.






Nothing, just the imagination of the expired last year chemistry student

that watch too much science fiction movies

when she pee in the chemistry building toilet.


Why don’t we take it serious?

It could be


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