Deborah, kenapa lulusnya lama?

Hi, I post this bukan dengan maksud untuk menceritakan keluhan tapi kesetiaan Tuhan and how He shaped me into who I am today. Enjoy 🙂 Semua teman dekat saya tau kalau saya orang yang ambisius, punya banyak mimpi yang kadang ditertawakan orang-orang. Dulu, kalau ada yang tanya "cita-citamu apa?" saya bingung memaparkannya, biar perbincangan cepat... Continue Reading →



When you sad You have a choice to cry it out Speak it out Or write it out And I choose the last one Because big girl wont cry Big girl writes     It’s bring me back to 2015 when I am sure enough to done my duty But trials and trials and trialssss... Continue Reading →


Even only a splash to my skin, I do not let it For you know. I wonder what chemicals powder or liquid have been dissolved in it Geez, you want me scrathing my -biiip- by pouring mercury in it? Or even use a sulfuric acid to destroy my -bibip- That sounds horrible! Ah I know kid Perhaps a... Continue Reading →

My granddaugther

Chloe and Jason make a stop at the foodtruck Chloe bringing the bucks she have been saved for a day, by not buying any snacks. and Jas just got some bucks from Daddy. Chloe order a sandwich and ice cream while Jason ordering hotdog with french fries. As they walk back home Jason ask Chloe to... Continue Reading →

Ferris wheel

People who see the beauty of ferris wheel are not in the game They don’t feel the excitement to start the game; the uproar when everyone enjoy the vehicle; the fear when looking down while getting higher; the chaos when the machine suddenly stop for a while; the worry free when you can see you... Continue Reading →


Suddenly the hurricane came in the quiet sea She is the new sailor She never face it before The sailor swerved; To the wrong direction She forgot the purpose of her voyage Was to go to the treasure island She depressed She was crazy She lost it all She don’t know where to go Come... Continue Reading →

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